SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Punisher: Blood Debt

There are some debts that must be paid for in blood. Frank Castle, known as The Punisher, journeys into the New York underbelly on a mission to find the man who killed his wife, son, and daughter. On the way, he learns more about himself and the world around him. From the studio that brought you Spider-Man Best Of Enemies, The Devil Inside, and the writer/director of Superior Spider-Man Log Date One, comes Punisher Blood Debt.

The Punisher – George Tutie
Charles Anderson – Anthony Dain
The Boss/Jeopardy Fan/Various Goons – Max Golsch
Wheel Of Fortune Fan/Various Goons – Jakub Dyczko
Preacher Comic Goon – Sean Bichimer
Purse Thief – Peter Hervol

Director and Writer – Peter Hervol
Cinematographer – Sean Bichimer
Editing, Sound Design, and VFX – Sean Bichimer
Stunt Coordinators/Action Designers – Max Golsch and Jakub Dyczko
Effects Makeup – Lillian Smith
Location Manager – Max Golsch
Script Doctor – Erich Leutz
Title Sequence Created by – Adrian Yee

Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to The Punisher in any way, and are not affiliated with Marvel Studios. This was made by fans, for fans.

Based on characters created by Stan Lee and Gerry Conway.

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