SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Batgirl: Scales of Justice

Synopsis: Following the murder of Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon must choose between her life and her aspirations of finding and killing The Joker, Jason’s murderer.

Directed by Kendall Felix
Written by Kendall Felix
Produced by Brock Cooper
Director of Photography: Andrew Chi Nguyen
Edited by Brock Cooper
Music by Garrett Felix

Kendall Felix, Isoke White, Jonathan C. Stephens, Grant Harrison Mateo, Paxton Koncoski, Julia Koncoski, Soulo Smith, Jenn Shagrin, Thomas Kaupish

Special thanks to all crew, cast, friends, family, and IndieGoGo donors for helping to make this film. Your support has kept us going from the day we launched our campaign to the day we locked the cut of the full movie.

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