Lady Freedom, Old Heroes and new ones arise to face the villainess Black Valkyrie as the FREEDOMVERSE begins…


Lady Freedom #1

New Release Steranko Homage

In Stores: 7/29/2020

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The Freedomverse is comprised of stories Spike and Art wanted to tell using familiar but different heroes.  They are our own versions of some classes main stream heroes but, with our own flair.  For instance, Lady Freedom is our take on Captain America.

Freedomverse is a reimagined batch of public domain heroes such as Death Rider, Miss Masque, Spy Smasher, Ben Dunn’s Tomorrow Girl, the characters of Lady Freedom—Camille, Scarlett, Villainess Black Valkyrie and the big bad known only as Eschelon.   The plan is to bring you a 3 issue Mini Series and empowering the fans  to determine what character(s) get their own book(s).


Lady Freedom  is:  Native American Natalie Cloudrider is a Sargent in the Army.  She is inspired to join Freedom Fighting Program because she wants to do more to protect her country.  She is joined by Sgt. Camille Abhorghast and Scarlett.  They are tasked with stopping the Villainous Black Valkyrie.   How cool is that!?!  An ALL FEMALE group of superheroes?


Creator/Penciler: Larry Spike Jarrell -(Concrete Dove , Buccaneers of the Stratosphere, Sam Savage, Exciting Comics,Star’s End).

Writer: Art Bellfield – YouTuber. ( Artificial Nerds podcast). Ronin Studios, Arcana Comics, Diversity Comics Antarctic Press.

Inker: Bill MarimonThe Punisher Silver Surfer (Marvel)The Green Arrow ,DAMAGE (D.C. COMICS)

Colorist: Matheus Huve

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In Stores: 7/29/2020

ORDER SKU: SSPLF00107292020


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