Style Your Necklaces According to Your Neckline

We all suffer from our impulsive buying decisions. We see something, we like it, and we (without overthinking) just buy it. And more often than not, it keeps lying on the shelf where it belongs and that too, for a really long time. It holds especially true for our jewelry pieces. Sometimes they do not match our outfits, and other times, they are out of ongoing trend.

Necklaces, especially, suffer from this neglect the most, and there is a simple reason for that – necklines. Yes, something as simple as a neckline should define our necklace buying decision. The long ones, the short ones, the chokers, the pearls ones, the ones with pendants, and many other kinds of necklaces are meant for different types of necklines. And honestly, most of us do not pay attention to this while purchasing a necklace.

So to save you from the hassle and added drama, we have put together a simple yet practical guide that will help you understand which neckline suits which necklace. Have a read.  


  1. V-Neckline 

Wearing a v-neckline is most common in everyday practice. From endless vests, blouses, shirts, and blazers, there’s a sufficient amount of bare skin below the neck that can be embellished in several ways. A quick and easy trick is to drape three-four chains of different lengths, enabled with small charms and pendants, and lay them neatly atop each other. It will create the illusion of a longer neck in a similar v-shape and make you look more feminine and charming. In case of a statement look, you can switch from dainty layered chains to a bolder necklace that sits at a small distance above your neckline. However, pendant chains are easy-to-style and quick when you’re on the run, so a delicate chain in your choice of metal such as silver or rose gold would go perfectly well with a light Tanzanite pendant.


  1. Square-Neck or Straight-Across Neckline

The summer and spring seasons allowed several women to play around with playful necklines. From cropped blouses, sleeveless midis, sundresses, Even most brides nowadays opt for straight-across necklines for their wedding gowns. Wearing a straight-across neckline might be the best thing since it gives you endless options to style the area around your collarbones. An elaborate multi-hued crystal choker or a tennis necklace encircling the area below the neck will look extremely flattering. If you are a minimalist, you can also opt for a dainty chain with a pendant. Add a splash of color to your neutral outfit with crystal pendants such as Opal, Turquoise, Topaz, Emeralds, etc. Jewelry made from natural stones and crystals has also become a self-care staple for many women for their transformative and healing powers. Shungite jewelry is made from one such carbon-rich mineral with various anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and detox properties. 


  1. Sweetheart Neck

With a sweetheart neckline, women can be as flexible as they like. They can style chains with different thicknesses, textures, a mixture of metals and materials, and more. One thing to keep in mind is maintaining a similar theme so that the necklaces blend perfectly with the rest of your outfit. While some women may prefer bolder, heavier, and colorful pieces with an open neck, others will opt for a single-strand round necklace resting above the chest area. Amethyst necklace comes in a beautiful translucent purple color that can play a focal point to most of your wardrobe fits. The stone’s healing energies can help create a relaxing environment for the mind and soul, improve your blood circulation, immunity, and sleep patterns. You can style the necklace with multiple pieces to showcase a voluminous look or keep it clean and uncluttered with the fantastic and versatile Amethyst necklace. 


  1. Scoop Neck

Scoop necklines are extremely feminine and versatile to work with. They provide enough room to play with different designs and styles and portray the delicate curves and edges of a woman’s body and neck. One can lean into a layered look with multiple gold chains and chokers, to chunky curb chains, with statement pendants or a combination of both, as per your desire. If you’re designing an everyday look for the office, we suggest sticking with a safe diamond pendant strung to a platinum chain. It can be paired with matching diamond studs to elevate the daywear outfit into a nightwear outfit. If you feel like adding a splash of color to your look, switch the diamond to a colored gemstone such as Ruby or Emerald to refine your overall look. If it’s the weekend and you have to run errands on the go, then two-three strands of gold chains of different lengths, starting with a choker, will look somewhere between statement to elegant. 


  1. Boat Necks

If you’re wearing a traditional neckline that is closer to your neck, such as a boat neck, high neck, asymmetrical, or halter neck, your choices for necklaces are acute. This time, it would be more appropriate to ditch your chains and pair them with an over-the-top, dramatic pair of earrings or heavy chandelier embellishments that punctuate the overall outfit. If it’s an absolute must for you to pair a necklace, then go for a longer rope chain, and skip chokers and medium-length necklaces altogether. This way, you can create a layered look or keep it simple with one or two necklaces. The idea is to keep it super minimal and accessorize away from the collar region.


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