STUNTMAN #1 & OA Edition by Simon and Kirby Remastered!

Featuring Comics and Original Art editions straight from the golden age beautifully restored.

STUNTMAN #1 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby!

You asked, and we listened! Featuring the original Stuntman by Simon and Kirby. This beautiful comic is professionally restored to capture the original look of the comic from 1946. Keeping the pulp like texture and having elements of golden age comics.

Featuring two Stuntman stories, “Killers in the Big Top” and “House of Madness”, this is some of the very first work Joe and Jack did after returning from World War II. Originally printed by Alfred Harvey’s Harvey Comics, Stuntman is a treasured character from Simon and Kirby’s portfolio.

This 32 page comic book, printed on matte paper delivering a similar experience to a golden age comic. These comics are a must have for any fan of the golden age!


Love original art? So do we! So little of it exists from the golden age, but it is spectacular! Here we have “OA editions“. Exactly as the colored comics, these comics feature pages of original art. For the pages of which the art does not exist, we instead have beautiful clean line work that let’s you appreciate the beautiful inking and Joe Simon’s famous inking technique: “hay”.  Marvel at the pages of original art, each providing unique characteristics while simultaneously seeing how it was printed!

MAIN COVER- Mark Buckingham

Mark Buckingham of Fables and Marvelman fame (with Neil Gaiman), drew a wonderful cover. Homaging Simon and Kirby’s 1946 original while modernizing and infusing his own talent and style. Truly a sure to be classic!

VARIANT B- Garrie Gastonny

Garrie Gastonny provides a wonderful cover which highlights the second story, “House of Madness”. Featuring many of the colorful characters of the story, the cover provides both action and story with Stuntman leaping right to the action!

VARIANT C- Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Get Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s original Stuntman #1 cover. Love golden age but can’t manage to find those scarce comics? Well this is for you! Plus, look at that golden age original art (more on the inside).


Featuring Simon and Kirby’s iconic double page spread, this is exactly as the art will look inside. After being professionally restored, yet looking and feeling as close to the 1946 original as possible.

Featured in the “OA edition”

As part of the Original Art edition (OA Edition) comics, is the wonderful surviving pages of original art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby from 1946. While most pages did not survive, the ones that did are nothing short than stellar! Experience them when most don’t even know they exist!

ALL 6 Covers for Stuntman #1

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