Stuart Moore talks about BRONZE AGE BOOGIE

BRONZE AGE BOOGIE gives you Planet of the Apes, monsters, Kung Fu, sword & sorcery, and Mars Attacks all in one comic. To say it’s confusing is an understatement, but it’s wildly fun. To sort it all out Stuart Moore stopped by First Comics News to let our readers know what to expect from the boogie.

First Comics News: Who is Brita Constantina?

Stuart Moore: She’s a tough barbarian, the daughter of a king, and she has all the same problems as a modern teenager. Plus a few extra problems. For one thing, her people tend to die violently in battle.

Brita is our entry point to the whole BRONZE AGE BOOGIE saga. When we meet her, she doesn’t know much about time travel or invaders from out of the cosmos. Fortunately, she’s a fast learner.

1st: As an ancient sword & sorcery character, why does she speak modern English, and have a ton of 70 references?

Stuart: That would be telling. Let’s just say she has some interesting friends.

1st: Where do the talking space apes come from?

Stuart: They come from all over. Apes are big talkers, as it turns out. Everywhere except on Earth.

1st: Why does Mars Attack?

Stuart: Mars always attacks. That’s what it does.

In our book, the Martians have made several attempts to conquer Earth. One of them you may have read about, in a fine picture-free book by Mr. H. G. Wells. In the course of the story, we’ll learn some of the whys and the whatthehells.

1st: Mars attacks in both the ancient world and the ’70s. Is this a simultaneous attack in time or do they attack over and over again?

Stuart: You ask a lot of questions. You ask a lot of very good questions. You ask a lot of very very good questions that I cannot answer without spoiling huge chunks of the plot.

Let’s just say that there is an explanation for all this. The apes operate in one way, and the Martians operate differently. In the middle are us messy human beings, who keep sticking our noses into other people’s nasty schemes.

1st: How does Brita Constantina travel through time?

Stuart: There are a lot of time-travel devices in this story. In fact, at a certain point, I realized that almost every character had their own different, goofy method of surfing through time. That makes me laugh; if you understand that, then you might just enjoy BRONZE AGE BOOGIE.

1st: Who is Go-Go Gollum?

Stuart: It’s Golem, actually. Go-Go, in fact, is the only character I really haven’t figured out at all. Let’s see if we can fix that right here, right now, in the middle of this interview. Bear with me a sec.

“Born in the heart of a star, given rough form by ancient Chaldean scientists, and sculpted into human shape by a heroin-crazed junkie moments before he died on the floor of Andy Warhol’s Factory, GO-GO GOLEM seeks to learn the nature of humanity in a world where the cops are about to go on strike because the city won’t pay their dental benefits.”

That’s it—done. It’s canon now! This is a creator-owned comic, remember. We can do whatever we want.

1st: Who is Doc Lunar?

Stuart: He’s our resident smart guy. Sort of a cross between Bruce Banner and Timothy Leary, which seemed like a very natural combination to me.

1st: Is this story actually happen to these characters or is this just one big 70’s drug trip?

Stuart: Stop it. You’re freaking me out.

1st: Why is dancing on Saturday Night more important than saving the world?

Stuart: It’s not MORE important. It’s just that sometimes you can’t figure out how to save the world, so you have to do something.

And you can’t quit dancing just because times are tough. Practice self-care, people!


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