STRANGERS #9: THE FALL OF ATLANTIS, a November, 2022, release from Hexagon Comics

Strangers #9 continues the story of the epic cosmic team of Strangers where we find Starlock, Starcyb, Homicron, Tanka, Count Saint-Germain, Dick Demon, Kit Kappa, the Zorr-ko, the Time Brigade, and others fighting a hopeless battle. A story of heroes everything they have to thwart the evil Kruge’s mad plan.

Will the all-powerful Towers prove true to their word and release Starlock? Will Homicron return in time to help her fellow Strangers? Will Atlantis fall as it was preordained? Will the heroes stop the Twilight Lord Kruge from using the all-powerful weapon Kera to rewrite the course of history.

Has anyone asked, what if the weapon had its own plans? Suddenly, it is no longer only the history of Earth that hangs in the balance, but that of the entire universe!

Jean-Marc Lofficier & Alfredo Macall team up again to craft this cataclysmic conclusion to the third “season” of Strangers. Plus two bonus stories: the origins of Starcyb by Manuel Martin Peniche and two agents of CLASH on the planet New Camelot by Juan Roncagliolo Berger.

Hexagon Comics USA now offers a growing catalog of translations of selected titles from the library of a 70-year-old French comics publisher.

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