January 10th, 2020 – Stormfront Entertainment (SFE), an independent film company based out of Carlisle Pennsylvania, has completed principal photography for their latest feature film, “Secret within the Sphere.” A teaser trailer is available for viewing on Youtube at the below hyperlink:

Synopsis: Airship Captain Verne Rudolph leads an adventure to acquire an ancient energy source, that the manipulative Victor Augustus plans to use to power his visionary city in the sky. Accompanied by the Duchess Adeline, Captain Rudolph finds himself at odds with law enforcement, air pirates, and many other adversaries determined to undermine the reluctant hero.

Filming for “Secret within the Sphere” took place last Summer across central Pennsylvania in many historic locations. These locations include King’s Gap (Carlisle), the PA Railroad Museum (Strasburg), Cameron Mansion, Switch Tower and Forum (Harrisburg), and the USS Olympia (Philadelphia). The film stars Alex Rudegeair (Dirt), Sugey Cruz (On Turning 16), Jeremy Good (A Star is Born), and Josh Spudeno (Creed II).
“Secret within the Sphere” is the latest installment for director David Noble of Tampa FL, producer Sunny Park of Burlington VT, and first time Director of Photography George Winchell of Lancaster PA. The movie is a science fiction epic tale influenced by the growing steampunk genre. In the winter of 2010, SFE produced their first feature-length film, “Zydeco,” followed by “The Knight Squad” in 2012 and “Lost Padre Mine” in 2016. These projects are available on many streaming venues to include Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Youtube, and AppleTV.

Secret within the Sphere” and other SFE projects can be found at the company website

Make-up artist Stephanie Coffman prepares lead actress Sugey Cruz for a scene, on location at the Forum in Harrisburg, PA, July 2019. Photo courtesy of Donald Adelson.

SFE films an essential scene of “Secret within the Sphere” in the Pennsylvania state capital, July 2019. Photo courtesy of Donald Adelson.
SFE films on location at the Cameron Mansion for their latest feature film “Secret within the Sphere,” June 2019. Photo courtesy of Donald Adelson.
Director David Noble talks to the cast and crew on location at the PA Railroad Museum, June 2019. Photo courtesy of George Winchell.




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