Storm King Comics Hits the Open Road With LONG HAUL, a Grisly Tale of Revenge, Debuting

Feb. 21 from the ‘Dark & Twisted’ Imprint

The Barren Highways of the American West Become a Place of Terror
and Violence in a No-Holds-Barred Tale Not for the Squeamish



The sun-baked deserts and wide-open vistas of the American West may have inspired tales of romance and grand adventure, but LONG HAUL, the newest graphic novel from Storm King Comics’ “Dark & Twisted” imprint, isn’t one of them.

Written by Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio, with artwork by Andrea Mutti (pencils), Gigi Baldassini (inks) and Valerio Alloro (colors), LONG HAUL is a sinister and violent tale of revenge rooted in the terrifying fact that there are more than 700 missing people along America’s interstate highways—hunted, taken and often killed by active serial killers.

LONG HAUL is available February 21, 2024, through direct sales, including at, and comic shops, followed by a March 5, 2024, release date at retail booksellers.

In LONG HAUL, Sarah Blake is one of those missing: vanished on her way to work. Her disappearance proved too much for her sickly father to handle, and when he dies, her older brothers Danny and Carl are filled with rage and loss. With nothing and no one left to lose, the two men decide to spend whatever time they have left hunting down “long haul” serial killers, and uncovering the truth about Sarah.

On their mission for revenge, Danny and Carl learn about a convoy of sociopathic killers known only as The Nine. When it becomes clear that one of TheNine stole Sarah from beside her broken-down car, the Blake brothers must violently work their way through the ghoulish gang—and their protectors—until they come to the horrific person who took her.

LONG HAUL boasts a complex, time-jumping storyline that keeps readers gripped throughout its terrifying tale, filled with dark “kills” and shocking violence that adds a forbidding tone to the to the sinister story.

“As with our first ‘Dark & Twisted’ book, Death Mask, we wanted to have some of today’s best graphic-novel creators showcase their best storytelling and artistry in service of a story that keeps readers as glued to the page as if they were watching a horror film,” said Storm King Comics founder and editor Sandy King. “Long Haul delivers the goods on all fronts—it’s the perfect book for someone looking for a hard-biting, unforgiving thriller with an incredible artistic style.”



Written by Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio


Art by Andrea Mutti (pencils), Gigi Baldassini (inks), and Valerio Alloro (colors)


Lettering by Janice Chiang


Edited by Sandy King


120 pp.


MSRP: $21.99


ISBN: 979-8-9864802-9-9

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