Hello, everyone. We urgently need your help in foiling the resale of a stolen valuable vintage comic collection owned by Phil Latter with whom many of you will be familiar. The crime occurrent in Dartmouth Nova Scotia on Sept 27th/28th when 270 vintage comics were stolen. There is a $2000 now questions asked reward up for grabs for the successful recovery of this valuable collection.

Here is a link to the full details including an inventory list and more particulars including contact information.Please share in your networks and keep your eyes open in your areas and online.  Here’s hoping that the eyes and ears of fellow collectors will be invaluable in solving this crime. Thank you so much for your time and help which is so very much appreciated!
Attached to this email is 50 (fifty) photo scans of just some of the 270+ (more than two hundred and seventy) vintage comic books stolen in this heist that were the property of Phil Latter, who has been collecting and enjoying the comic book hobby for more than four decades.
Note: these photo scans below, attached, are (not) the same exact copies that were stolen from Phil Latter (in September of 2015), but they ARE the same issues!
This theft has been reported on the comic book hobby site First Comics News (see link, below), where Phil Latter is a staff writer for that website, a website that receives a couple of million of hits per month.
Folks, it’s always been my experience that most comic book hobbyists are honest people.
And now, I need your help to help me have this collection returned.
Attached as well, is a COMPLETE LIST of all 270 plus comic books that were stolen. Any tips, either now or in the future, as information becomes available would be very much appreciated!!!
$2,000.00 (TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD) for their safe return, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!!!!
For information leading to the recovery of a valuable comic book collection stolen from 186 Summer Field Way on September 27th/28th 2015 while temporarily being held for safe keeping, for a close family member, Phil Latter.
The Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Crime Stoppers police website is offering (from myself) a $2000.00 reward for the safe return of these comic books, in cash. If you have any information that will lead to the return of this stolen comic book collection, you can register on this website (web link below, and you will be assigned a NUMERICAL CODE, to protect your identity, where your name and location cannot be traced. Enter your TIPS information there.
If your information leads to the recovery of this vintage comic book collection, you will receive the reward of $2,000.00 dollars!
You cannot be traced through this service, you’ll get the reward money, and you will be helping a fellow honest, long time comic book collector in the recovery of his stolen items!
Remember, Crime Stoppers wants your information, NOT your name, nor location!
A Large Olive green suitcase containing 3 boxes of vintage superhero comics (270+ in all) were stolen.
1940’s through 1950’s ‘Detective Comics’ title, (featuring Batman)
‘Batman’ title (also 1940’s and 1950’s etc issues including number 9 (nine)
Justice League, (including # 21 and # 22  = first Silver Age Justice Society of America appearances in comics since World War Two
Green Lantern (first series, circa 1941 # 1 (from World War Two)
X-Men (first series, starting 1963, vol. 1 # 1 through # 38)
Avengers (first series, starting 1963), vol. 1 # 101 and up,  etc. 
The full inventory list is attached to this email (download.)
If you have any information or recall anything suspicious, please contact:
Phil Latter 902-404-7559 or my email address, which is:
my sister Gail Munroe 902-220-58824 or
                                                                  or her spouse 
Allan Munroe 902-488-5824  or his email
Thank you so much for your help!!!
Olive green suitcase containing 3 boxes of vintage superhero comics (270+ in all) were stolen. Includes DC, Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Tales to Astonish etc. Full inventory list available. If you have any information or recall anything suspicious, please contact: Gail Munroe 902-220-5824 or gmunroe2@gmail.comAllan Munroe 902-488-5824 or allan.munroe100@gmail.comThank you so much for your help!
Here is a COMPLETE LIST of all stolen vintage comics: just click on the download link at bottom of this email to see both pages, ‘Phil Latter’s stolen comic book list, page one of two’, and ‘Phil Latter’s stolen comic book list, page two of two.’
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