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The fan-favorite Marvel Unlimited anthology series launched a new story arc on Monday, September 25 in the exclusive Infinity Comics format! An all-new 6-issue arc kicks off in X-MEN UNLIMITED #106 in “The Redroot Saga.”

Superstar writers Steve Foxe and Steve Orlando teamed up with artist Lynne Yoshii and colorist Fer Sifuentes-Sujo for the latest X-MEN UNLIMITED saga! Subscribers can check out new chapters of X-MEN UNLIMITED weekly every Monday on the Marvel Unlimited app or online via Marvel Unlimited’s web service.


6-issue arc launches on Monday, September 25

Writers: Steve Foxe, Steve Orlando

Artist: Lynne Yoshii

Colorist: Fer Sifuentes-Sujo

Editor: Jordan D. White

New arc! Sunfire goes on a mission to Otherworld’s Crooked Market to save the mutant Redroot, first introduced during X OF SWORDS. But the proprietor of the Market, Mad Jim Jaspers, offers Sunfire a trial instead…

In an exclusive interview with AIPT Comics X-Men Monday, Steve Orlando said, “This is a full-on quest narrative for Sunfire, with all the harrowing threats, monsters, and unrelenting heroism. And not just that, it’s a rescue mission! As such, we’ll see Sunfire battling his way through Otherworld and facing down some of its most dangerous faces. And if he can stick it to Orchis on the way? Even better.”

In the same interview, Steve Foxe continued, “Yeah, we got a unique challenge picking up from X-Men #24, because in a very short page space, readers see what Shiro sets out to do and where he ends up. But the quest itself was largely undefined, so Steve and I had a lot of fun drawing on some of the esoteric corners of Otherworld seen during the Krakoan era. Shiro’s not a character who often gets solo stories, so we wanted to make sure we made this opportunity count and give him the biggest adventure we could despite the bookends to it already being known to readers.”

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