The newest Stan Lee documentary is another example of regurgitating falsehoods and repeating long debunked ideas into the creation of these beloved Marvel characters. Jack and Stan were an amazing team, whose combined talents ushered in an entire universe of superheroes that have inspired generations. The Jack Kirby Estate has and will continue to ensure that comic book and pop culture fans understand the importance of Jack in the creation of the Marvel Universe. This continuation to push a challenged narrative, hurts the legacy of Stan Lee as well, and continues the disregard towards Jack in the creation of these iconic characters. It truly pains the family to once again have to fight to ensure Jack’s legacy and his global contribution to the comics industry. Jack Kirby was more than an artist, he was a visionary and creative force, whose contribution to the creation of many Marvel characters goes way beyond putting pencil to paper. Stan Lee will rightfully be remembered as a champion of comic books, creative powerhouse and figurehead of one the world’s most cherished brands. It is now time for the world to discover the other creative force behind their favorite superheroes. The Jack Kirby Estate invites you to learn more about Jack’s version of how these superheroes were created and his inspiration for doing so. Jack loved his fans and creating for them was not just a job, it was his passion. There are many resources that now add historical facts that are finally changing the one-sided narrative that has been pushed throughout the years. We look forward to one day having a documentary that tells both sides of this amazing story. Until that time, we’ll continue to ensure Jack’s legacy is protected and find solace in knowing that these co-creations continue to inspire and entertain people around the world.

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