STARTUP #1.1 preview

Starting Point!
After a humiliating rescue by a super-hero on live TV, 300 pound single mom Renee Garcia-Gibson agrees to try an experimental diet drug to reduce her outward appearance. But the change to her metabolism comes with the unexpected side-effect of giving her super-speed! Moments after her transformation, Renee must use her amazing new powers to tackle the mob muscle-man known as Glut as well as a nefarious anti-hero army called The Cloud! Veteran TV comedy writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, Futurama, KC Undercover) joins forces with artist extraordinaire Craig Rousseau (Batman Beyond, Harley Quinn) to bring you the awesome origin of Startup, the newest star in the Sitcomics galaxy of heroes!
Written by Darin Henry
Art by Craig Rousseau
Colored by Glenn Whitmore
Cover by Craig Rousseau
Lettered by Marshall Dillon

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