This anthology is 36 pages of action and adventure. Its feature story is the origin of Starbolt. From his first appearances in Supernatural Agents, one question has been asked “Who is Starbolt”. Wait no longer faithful fans. Starbolt’s origin is here. From the creative minds of Spacie Award Finalist author Peter Breau ,veteran artist Monique MacNaughton and  inker (starbolt creator) James Hachey ,is an epic for the Ages. It is all brilliantly brought to life on the page by the vivid colours of Dheeraj Dkboss Kumar and Willy ried.  This is an ageless epic of good vs evil.This is a story of Good. Tim, a veteran, who makes the ultimate sacrifice to save another and is transformed into the Starbolt. This is the story of ultimate evil. Uranium ( an armored Hitler clone) who is drawn to the birthplace of general Patton where  he finally finds the Ioudas blade that he has been searching for for over 70 years. What is the fabled Ioudas Blade? Can Tim, who is now wearing the Starbolt armor defeat him? This story is non stop action at its finest. It is what superhero comics are meant to be.


The Starbolt  creative team consists of :

COMIC BOOK WRITER PETER BREAU: His credits include:  Exciting comics, These damn kids   (Antarctic Press), Mississippi Zombie (Caliber comics),G.R.E.E.N. Giant, Unknown Tales (Lucky Comics). Samhain’s Gate with #1 Best Selling Author Paul Carberry, TBA IDW Project.  Staff writer for  Spacie Award Finalist for Best New Indie Comic Writer 2019 and Independent Creator Awards Nominee for Best Indie Writer 2019.

ARTIST/ LETTERER MONIQUE MACNAUGHTON: She has bean force in the indie world for years. She has many graphic novels available and web comics such as; Chevalier, The Continentals, Hit Girlz to name a few.

INKER: JAMES HACHEY is a veteran inker/artist: he is the creator of Starbolt  and his credits include Manda Ganda, Supernatural Agents,Why Faith and many others.

COVER ARTIST: WILLY REID: is an animator, creator and  comic book artist




The second feature is The Last Day Warrior is another Good vs Evil story created, written and inked by the multi-talented James Hachey. Beautifully  penciled by the amazing  Demius  Arakis, lettered by John Michael Helmer and colored by Federico Scio Jr. The Last Day Warrior is the story of New Yorker Jason Kincade who has been chosen as God’s hero against Grogg the Impaler.  It is all beautifully amplified by Demius jaw dropping art!

The final story is another James Hachey creation, The Legend of Sargus.  This story is written by Steven St. Amand with art by Jason Wallace, colors by Federico Scio Jr., Jim Ludwig and Steven St. Amand. This is a story about Ikki and Paco  and what happens after they find the shield of Sargus.  Steven St. Amand knocks it outta the park with his witty dialogue.  This is the perfect story to end the anthology with.



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