Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Luke Skywalker #1

THE FIRST TEMPTATION OF LUKE SKYWALKER! After learning the true identity of his father, LUKE continues his training and prepares for the inevitable showdown, determined never to follow the path of VADER. But when a rebel general’s mistakes lead to disaster and Luke must seize command, the DARK SIDE tempts him as never before. Featuring the eerie influence of THE EMPEROR!

This one-shot Star Wars comics featuring featuring original trilogy era Luke Skywalker is both a nice throw back to the character long time fans remember as well featuring a sublime subtle dig at the last film. Leading a group of rebels as they attempt to steal fuel for their fleet of ships (you would hate to have a ship run out of fuel amiright) you get to see their awe of him and his unnatural abilities as well as some doubts relating to the only other person in the galaxy who uses a lightsaber, Darth Vader.

Vader is mercifully set aside this issue as the Emperor makes an effort to subtly influence Luke’s turning to the dark side by planting seeds of doubt in his mind as to the situation he finds himself in as well as possible outcomes. It is a nice piece of writing by Greg Pak that gives us the hero Luke that we grew up with and hope to someday see again.

I will give a slight spoiler here so stop reading now if you want to enjoy the issue unsoiled.

In one of the visions the Emperor plants in Luke’s mind is that the rebels do not trust his abilities and their refusal to believe in him leads to the death of everyone on the capital class spacecraft. In the vision Luke realizes they will never trust him and flies away to a distant planet where he sinks his X-Wing in a body of water, befriends the natives and grows a nice beard while rejecting the force.

Boy, does that sound familiar to anyone? Fortunately for the rebellion Luke shakes of the idea of abandoning his friends and the galaxy and chooses to fight. To be the hero.  To be the legend of the Jedi Knight we knew him to be.

Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Luke Skywalker #1
Marvel Comics - $3.99


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