Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual Review

Of all the most unlikely of comebacks, could any be more surprising then Jaxxon returning to the Star Wars universe? Way back in 1978 I read the Marvel Comics series Star Wars and when the original movie adaptation ended they continued on with all new adventures and that is where the world was introduced to the rabbit named Jax. Although widely scoffed at and quickly abandoned, to my young mind a walking talking rabbit was no different than a Tuskin Raider or Jawa and he was always a distant part of my Star Wars fandom.

When Marvel Comics regained the license a few years back and released a million and a half variant covers, the one cover I wanted above all else was the one with Jax on the cover trying to get in through a door while the rest of the core cast held it shut. It was only a joke cover but it was great to see my old friend Jax again and soon enough he was officially made cannon in last years Star Wars Adventures, starred in the “lost” issue #108 of the original series and he returns again to this years annual in the lead story.

“Hare-Brained Heist” is a fun little adventure co-starring Lando and features cameos from Luke, Han and the others. You know, the B-team. Anyways, Jax and Lando work to stop an imperial shipyard from developing automated Tie-Fighters and liberate an enslaved planet. Writer Cavan Scott keeps the story moving and nails the various characters voices with artist Mauricet complimenting it perfectly with his cartoon style.

Can I take a minute to talk about the cover by Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai? He rarely does work outside of his core character so to see him taking on Jax and Lando is a pure delight for this longtime fan. Star Wars fans by the core Marvel series but I hope they don’t sleep on the IDW series as it is a really great series in its own right.

Star Wars Adventures 2019
IDW – $7.99

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