Stan Lee’s POW!  Entertainment Announces Newest Project “Stan Lee’s Work Force”

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (July 17, 2018) – Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment today announced a new title that showcases Lee managing an office of superhero staff members. The episodic novel will debut on twice per week starting July 17, with new chapters being released every Tuesday and Thursday. The stories will then be translated and published in China later this summer.

Stan Lee’s Work Force is a comedic series that depicts the everyday zany lives of boss Stan Lee and his team of superhero employees. It follows the heroes’ fantastical adventures within a conventional office setting to produce hilarious tales that are fun for everyone, whether you work a steady 9-5 or patrol the city streets. In this unusual workplace, anything from a sentient copy machine to an inter-dimensional monster attack is business as usual.

With Stan Lee’s Work Force, a new worldwide generation of fans will have the opportunity to witness an original Stan Lee universe come to life. The story was created for the global market by Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and an international team of talent from the U.S., Japan and China, including Japanese artist Ryusuke Hamamoto. Hamamoto, best known for Petit Eva: Evangelion@School, met with Stan Lee last December to discuss character designs for the Asian market.

“Work Force is comedic in nature, and in typical Stan style, the characters are humanized and relatable to those in the working world,” stated Shane Duffy, CEO, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment. “This project provides an opportunity to create an original and on-going story for multiple platforms in different languages appealing across all cultural markets.  Following the release in the U.S. and China markets, we look to expand to additional territories. Work Force allows us to depict Stan and the individual characters in a light and fun way, all while growing the brand’s universal appeal.”

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