Spotlight #1

Junkyard Joe #1/Subject Alpha #1

The next two Thunderzone titles are here! The titan of trash Junkyard Joe plus the enigmatic Subject Alpha!!

JUNKYARD JOE – is the story of single Dad, Joe Jenkins, a hard working junkyard owner. His daughter Allie is a nine year old girl with a fascination for comics and pop culture. She has plans to attend the local comic convention but what happens when the psychopathic Cosplay Killer comes to town? This book also contains an 8 page preview of Thunderzone’s upcoming series Trials of Vulcan.

SUBJECT ALPHA – With a past shrouded in mystery, Chi-Town’s hero at large comes across an equally enigmatic foe. It’s a mega-powered throwdown with innocent bystanders and Chicago’s finest caught in the middle and what does the mysterious Madame X have to do with any of this? Get ready for some action!

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Much thanks to Thunderzone/Argo Comic’s editor Dan Sehn for this special cross promotion with our own new campaign!



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