Chaos reigns in this mythical mashup coming in September!
Deus ex machina reigns in the new series, Sparks of Chaos, by creators Temur Schelm, Alex Malyshev, and Gleb Melnikov (Robin, Batman: Urban Legends, Angel, Angel & Spike). It’s a mashup of mythology, religion, and steampunk, as the gods and mortals collide in this epic adventure that will leave the world forever changed.
Also this month, it’s the monstrous edition of The Conqueror Worm, the infamous poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Beautifully adapted by Clara Meath (Shadow Play), this variant features a virgin cover of the poems great worm itself. Limited to only 250 copies (100 per distributor) you won’t want to miss out on this highly sought after exclusive!
Finally, the Past the Last Mountain #4 Orc Girl variant is dedicated to the story Gail Simone called “The best comic I’ve read in ages!” Limited to only 250 copies (100 per distributor) fans will clamor for this edition beautifully rendered by Thomas Boatwright.
What Retailers Need to Know about Sparks of Chaos:
  • Three issue, double-sized, limited series.
  • On sale September 2022.
  • Features interlocking covers (cover A only).
  • Greek Mythology meets steampunk.
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An epic journey begins here! A century ago, the ancient demigods were hunted down and forgotten by humanity. Now, they’re fighting back, in a steampunk twist on ancient myths!
Featuring interconnected A Covers in the style of a Greek vase, each oversized issue contains 48 pages of Gods and Monsters battling for the fate of our world!
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CEX is proud to present the MONSTROUS variant cover by Clara Meath in the ultimate presentation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Conqueror Worm! A terrifyingly gorgeous cover, worthy of this extraordinary adaptation.
Limited to only 100!
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The complete ORC GIRL prequel to Paul Allor, Louie Joyce, and Gannon Beck’s hit series PAST THE LAST MOUNTAIN is collected in this final issue of the series! And this time with a special ORC GIRL cover by fan-favorite artist Thomas Boatwright!
This limited edition celebrates the acclaimed one-shot with the extremely rare original Orc Girl cover!
Orders due June 18, 2022

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