As comics distribution, business practices and efficiencies has been a hotly debated topic for the last few decades, it’s come under renewed scrutiny due to the pandemic. As such, we’ve investigated multiple different means to get our books into stores and, ultimately, customer’s hands.

What we’ve found is that, while there is nothing inherently wrong with the traditional distribution model, it is outdated. It is inefficient. This is not news. What might be news to some is that we don’t need a traditional distributor at all.

Our conversations with businesses in other industries have put a spotlight on the cracks in our system—and again, these cracks aren’t new. But as an industry, we’ve largely failed to solve them.

That’s why Source Point Press is taking this first step. We are embracing a new model. We are switching our business-to-business offerings (publisher to retailers) to the marketplace provided by Corner Box (powered by D6 Publisher Services).

As a retailer, you can order all of our products directly from us, through the marketplace. Those orders are fulfilled by Corner Box. Signing up is easy. Viewing product offerings is easy. Seeing and tracking inventory is easy. Contacting the publisher directly is easy.

Better yet, when your order arrives, claims of damages are handled quickly and easily. Returns are handled quickly and easily and are controlled by the publisher. Reorders ship within 72 hours as long as the books are in stock. Your cash flow is enhanced, and we believe that’s more important right now than ever before.

On the publisher side, you’re in the driver’s seat more than ever before. You can control your pricing; you can offer discounts and coupons directly from your Corner Box dashboard to retailers. You can contact Stores directly. You can see which retailers are ordering which items and at what quantities—all in real time. That, in turn, can help you create better and more targeted content for your retailer partners.

While Corner Box may be new to you, the marketplace solution is already a proven success story in the games industry. D6 has been a game-changer. Corner Box is simply taking what works better for one industry, something built with retailer input, and applying it to an industry that has been craving for positive change for years.

For that reason, Source Point Press is proud to announce that we’re the first publisher going live on Corner Box with our new books available to order very soon.

If you’re a retailer, please check out: to create an account. If you’re a reader encourage your store to look into If you’re a publisher reach out and see how you can make a stronger, more transparent, and more profitable industry. Ordering for our Feb-March-April-May solicits are going live in roughly one week!

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