Source Point Press expands 2021 comics line

Source Point Press is adding to it’s monthly line up of comics beginning in September’s edition of Previews. The change comes as Source Point Press is added to Diamond’s Final Order Cutoff, which gives retailers an extra month to order books from the publisher. The Previews catalog will now feature a staple of seven pages featuring Source Point Press items.

Two of the new slots will be filled by Good Boy #1 and Tales from the Dead Astronaut #1.

In Good Boy, Flint Sparks and his human Jon, both former mercenaries, have settled down in quiet retirement from an industry where the job is supposed to be forever. But, unlike anyone before, they found a way out. However, this new life, filled with peace and joy is not to be. In the dead of night, some of their former “colleagues”, who disagree with their decision to retire, break into their home and murder Jon, leaving Flint alive in the bloody aftermath.

Tales from the Dead Astronaut is a sci-fi anthology told from the perspective of a dead astronaut drifting through space as he slowly decomposes in the great wonder of the universe.

Source Point Press is a midwest publisher of books, comics, and graphic novels founded in 2012. Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media. Email for inquiries or interview opportunities.

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