Fans of SOMNA #1 Are Now Able to Purchase and Read the Erotic Folk-Horror Thriller Digitally on DSTLRY’s Marketplace for $1 TODAY

DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles, today launched its erotic folk-horror thriller SOMNA #1, written and drawn by Eisner Award-winning creators Tula Lotay (Barnstormers) and Becky Cloonan (By Chance or Providence, Wonder Woman), on its v0.1 digitaldesktop reader beta at The digital edition carries a launch price of $1 today, and today only.

The digital launch of SOMNA #1 continues the completes the initial lineup of exciting releases from DSTLRY. The Devil’s Cut kicked off the platform’s launch two weeks ago, with GONE #1 following last week. Those who purchased a digital copy of The Devil’s Cut and/or GONE #1 get exclusive access to purchase two SOMNA #1 variant covers— – an undressed Jae Lee print variant and an Alison Sampson digital variant.

DSTLRY’s digital store and v0.1 digital reader beta fuses the excitement of New Comic Book Day with digital reading, while establishing a new revenue stream for creators. Mirroring the limited-run nature of print comics and the excitement of New Comic Book Day, DSTLRY’s digital releases will be available directly from the publisher on for one week—Wednesday through Tuesday—upon release. Mass market digital releases will follow when trade paperbacks arrive in print.

SOMNA is a dark and sexy period thriller that spins out of Cloonan & Lotay’s 11-page story, “What Blighted Flame Burns in Thee?” from DSTLRY’s debut release The Devil’s Cut. An eerie exploration of puritanical oppression and forbidden passion, issue #1 clocks in at an extra-special 56 pages.

Set amidst the terrifying backdrop of the witch hunts in a quiet 1600s English village, SOMNA follows one woman’s escape from the confines of her puritanical world. Ingrid is unhappily married to Roland, the town’s bailiff and chief witch hunter, who has embarked on a single-minded quest to purge the ‘heretics’ in their midst.

After a prominent town leader is found murdered, accusations fly and no one is above reproach from Roland’s deadly crusade. Ingrid has her suspicions about who the real murderer is, but even as she searches for the truth, she’s pursued by a shadowy figure. Ingrid gravitates to the foreboding phantom in ways she can’t resist; does this otherworldly seduction hold the key to the mystery? Or will he damn Ingrid’s soul to the blackest circle of Hell?

Today, December 20, readers can purchase SOMNA #1 digitally for $1 for one day, and for $9 from December 21 through December 26. Mass market digital releases will follow when trades arrive in print.

SOMNA #1 is available digitally through DSTLRY’s v0.1 desktop and mobile web digital comics platform at

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