Sometimes being happy comes at a pretty hefty price…

JAN 12, 2022, (SEATTLE, WA) — Get ready for vacation. Out today in shops is Happy Hill #1, an all-new vacation horror thriller from ComixTribe, written by acclaimed writer Rich Douek (Sea of Sorrows, Road of Bones) and co-writer and artist Joe Mulvey (Wailing Blade), with colors by Chris Sotomayor, and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Happy Hill is a posh resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York that promises that its guests will leave truly happy – the only problem being that many of them never leave at all. Wyatt Willows is obsessed with the place, and its connection to The Wudsman – a horned, masked figure that most people think is an urban legend, but who he knows is both real and deadly.

When a child goes missing on the grounds of Happy Hill, the investigation uncovers dark secrets hidden and an unstoppable supernatural menace aiming to make this vacation permanent!

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