Book Review: Something is Out There by Jeff DePew

The horror genre has always been a favorite of mine. Books, movies, campfire stories, it doesn’t matter. I love to be scared, love to feel so uncomfortable, love to feel vulnerable. As I have aged, there has been less Clive Barkers and Stephen Kings, and more Robert McCammons.

I’m not saying McCammon is bad, in fact lots of people love his work. It’s just not true horror. There is a newcomer in the genre. One that scares. One that grips you by your junk and pulls you, kicking and screaming through hell and back. One that leaves you covered in sweat, with a ruined book in your hand when you are done.

Jeff has been a regular in the award winning Never Fear series where he has specialized in the short story milieu. And we meet here today to talk about this…

What brand of underwear should you buy to read this new release? I recommend something absorbent. Or, if you are a guy, you could just read it on the toilet and cut out the middle man.

Something is Out There, is a short story horror collection by wordsmith Jeff DePew. The book contains five shorts with varying settings and characters all surrounding the central theme of horror.

A lot of people are turned off by such a loosely connected collection but in this case, it works. DePew takes the time to introduce you to his characters and settings before he ravages your soul and destroys everything you have come to love.

His writing, mesmerizing. His stories, entertaining. His horror, horrific. Exactly what you would want from the genre. I fell in love with the book early on but the post-apocalyptic story of a young girl on her own in a dead world, is the crown jewel.

If you are a true horror fan, get it. Now. Why are you still reading this? GO!

No seriously. Get out of here. Go get it.

Oh, it’s available anywhere fine books are sold. Just follow the train of tears and blood curdling screams! If you are too lazy to leave the house, ala me, here is the amazon link.


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