Soaring Penguin Press looks to the future with a story about the past

Soaring Penguin Press will be publishing Forgetting To Remember, Prestis Rollins mammoth science fiction graphic novel about memory, longevity and humanity.

Rollins, who has worked on such books as Batman: The Ultimate Evil, DC: One MIllion and New X-Men and who has created The Furnace(Tor Books, 2018) and Survival Machine (Monkeysuit Press, 2002) has been working on Forgetting To Remember for several years.

Says publisher John Anderson, “I’ve wanted to expand our Science Fiction list of titles for some time now. Forgetting To Remember is an involving, thoughtful, at times challenging science fiction graphic novel. The kind of story that stays with you and makes you think. I like that.”

Forgetting To Remember will be out in 2025

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