Soaring Penguin Press 2021 publications list

Always one to strike while the iron is truly cold, Soaring Penguin Press are pleased to announce our upcoming 2021 publication schedule:

Urban Tails is a collection of autobiographical comics strips telling the story of daily life in Tel Aviv, Israel, through the eyes of a lesbian family dominated by cats.

Mom 1 – the writer and illustrator – is busy with her art, Mom 2 – her girlfriend – is obsessed with her psychologist and therapy, and Rafi and Spaghetti – their two talking cats – are busy with cat stuff but also with political and social issues. Rafi, being black and the only male in the household, becomes a social activist who fights for justice, and Spaghetti promotes Feminism – long before “Me too”.

Urban Tails will be the first of our Kickstarter campaigns for 2021:

July 2021:

The Collected Meanwhile… Volume One brings together the first four issues of Meanwhile…, the critically-acclaimed anthology. Featuring the return of Gary Spencer Millidge’s Strangehaven – in colour! As well,the first four chapters of The Bad Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford. Plus 2014 British Library & Arts Thread competition winners. And so much more in this 200+ page book!

August 2021:

Meanwhile… 10 finally arrives with the last chapter of David Hine and Mark Stafford’s The Bad Bad Place and the first chapter of Taniwha by Roger Langridge. Plus The Collector from Sarah Gordon, Ginny Skinner’s Gail Key’s Psychic Lost Items Helpline and, of course, Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge. Now running 128 pages!

September 2021:

In Black Bastard, Tobias Taitt recalls his life as second-generation Windrush, brought to the UK by a mother hoping for a better life – and not finding it. Falling into a life of (sometimes violent) crime from the age of 15, Tobias was moved from prison to prison until he was able to stay out of trouble long enough to start to put his life together. But hard times can build character, and an unexpected clarity and intelligence of narrative, Tobias tells his story simply and adroitly. Brilliantly adapted by Anthony Smith.

November 2021:

Meanwhile… 11 continues the run of thoughtful, compelling stories, of which more will be revealed at a later date. At 128 pages, it will have plenty to read. And re-read.

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