Slot Games Based on Marvel and DC Comics

In November 2021, the Marvel Universe franchise had over 22.5 billion dollars in box office revenue. The 23 films that contribute to this impressive number include Captain America, Thor, the Avengers, Ghost Runner, Black Widow, and all their sequels. The DC movies seem very small in comparison but their 5 billion global ticket office totals are also very impressive by themselves. After all, their Joker, Superman, Justice League, Batman Begins, and Wonder Woman creations have captured the hearts of many. No wonder that these characters have inspired not only popular merch but also striking online games. Many popular providers such as PlayTech, Ainsworth, Bally, IGT use various comics, popular video games or movies for their plot. Below you can see an overview of several popular slot machine games inspired by Marvel and DC comics.

Amazing snippets from the comics that inspired Bally provide for Wonder Woman pokies creation were taken from

Wonder Woman Comics-Themed Game

Wonder Woman free Bally slots are based on Marvel movies. This Wonder Woman pokie game has extra spin, multipliers, autoplay, scatter symbols, and wilds. You will see the movie’s details in this Wonder Woman slot machine: the heroine’s beautiful lasso, iconic weapons, an invisible jet, and other jewelry in the form of bracelets and tiaras that will immerse you in a different universe. There is a significant difference from the movie that you can expect when playing. This Wonder Woman power girl creates an atmosphere of excitement and strength, each player can plunge into the atmosphere of the heroine, as well as instant play with bonuses and prizes. In addition, there is a Wonder Woman slot machine app where you can try your hand at winning prizes. In addition, there are many blogs where you can find a complete guide on how to play free online pokies, as well as tips to help you play with bonuses.

Comic Captain America slot game created based on Captain America 1990 movie

Captain America Slot Machine

Captain America slot by Cryptologic conveys the entire atmosphere of strength and might of the protagonist. You will find all the trappings of his life, such as the Statue of Liberty, the corporate flag of America, a shield for fighting enemies. You will find both heroes and enemies of Steve Rogers. However, they all have comic graphics that are slightly different from recent films. However, all the main characters are present, as well as all the important elements such as the shield. There is a fun bonus round that you can also unlock with a few free spins in this Captain America comic slot.

Play Superman free slots no download to get bonuses

Superman Slot Machine

The Superman game by Playtech is based on the movie starring Christopher Reeve. You should try all the features and functions, the possibilities of additional spins, and so on. Superman comics slot is a separate art form that inspired the provider to create the game. You should try instant play games to get bonuses and cash prizes. You can instantly play Superman slot machine free to feel the comic’s atmosphere.

You can play Black Widow slot online free for fun based on Marvel comics

Black Widow Slot Machine Game

Although Black Widow has only recently hit theaters, many have probably seen the trailer by now. The IGT Black Widow slot machine is a far cry from what you might imagine comparing it to a movie. You have a spider web covering the background, you feel the mystery. None of them match the latest Marvel movie’s characters, but this storyline for both is taken from the original comic. Basically, it turns any wild reel into a winning payline. Black Widow cosmic slots can be played on several mobile and gaming platforms online. Even if you are a newbie in online gaming, rules are easy to understand. Thanks to its simple design and rules, even a beginner can try their cute games at Black Widow slot machine online.

Play free casino slot games online Batman for getting bonuses

Batman Begins Game Based on Comics

Batman Begins by Playtech is a prime example of a direct match between film and comic. The main characters of the film are represented as symbols on the reels, Bruce Wayne is the symbol with the lowest awards. There are also several wilderness spots to watch out for, including the Blooming Flower Temple, the Wayne Manor of burning gasoline burning a building, the Bat Cave depicting the Batmobile, Arkham’s hideout depicted as the Bat Signal, and the monorail. All who played comics Batman slots at least once in their lives can safely confirm all the delights of this comics game.

You can try more games like Justice League free slot machine at

Justice League Game Based on Marvel Comics

If you enjoy another movie-like movie, you will definitely love the awesome Justice League slot based on DC Comics. You have all the main characters on the board, spinning around to bring you victories. Batman can bring you the biggest payout. Of all the aforementioned slots in this article, this one will give you the best movie feel, because it features characters, symbols, and exciting background music. It’s no surprise that Justice League DC comics inspired PlayTech to create an atmospheric game.

Feel the atmosphere of the legendary comic in Aquaman free slot game

Aquaman Slot Machine Like Comics

This slot by Playtech stays true to the comic rather than the movie that you may be a fan of. The whole slot takes place in the underwater kingdom and we follow Aquaman and his wife Mera on a journey through the reels, which include some letters, a few other characters, and the wild symbol in the form of the Trident of Neptune. Slots from Marvel or DC are suitable not only for fans of the series but also for every interested gambler. These slots that come close to the movies include Justice League and Batman Begins yet the rest are true fans of the original comics. Wonder Woman, Superman Online, Captain America, Aquaman, Black Widow all have bonus rounds, free spins, and familiar characters in the form of symbols.

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