I love slasher films. There are a lot of unwritten rules that all fans know but none of the actors ever figure out. The fans know early on who will live and who will die. Likewise, you can use the unwritten rules of horror films when playing online slots, including casino online NZ and many others.

It’s Always Better with friends

Wandering off alone or splits from a group is a sure-fire way to die in any slasher film. “I’ll be right back” really means, I’m going to be the next one to die. With slot machines, gamers find it more exciting when they play with others around the world, share tips and chat about their favorite games.

Look for symbols and patterns 

Watching a horror film you see the camera pauses for a moment on random items. Directors use this camera technique to draw the viewer’s attention, without the hero seeing it too. This shows how significant something is to the viewer alone. Horror fans can solve the mystery before the hero by understanding the details the hero misses. This is true for slots too. Gamers need to check carefully for any hidden information and bonuses. Take in the entire game, not just the part your eyes see first.

Listen to the creepy kid

Fans know the warnings of the creepy kid is always ominous. Laurie in Halloween doesn’t listen to the children she is babysitting. The little boy in the Ring holds the key to defeating the curse. For games involving picking numbers; why not ask a child to randomly select a number for you. Without random numbers, you will find yourself selecting numbers representing birthdays or anniversaries, repeating the same pattern over and over again. A child could prove to be a real random number generator. They may even provide beginner’s luck!

Don’t Enter Abandoned Places

In Final Destination shows traveling to your destination can lead to your death. Schools, hospitals, churches, and other seemingly normal destinations all can turn into your final destination. Abandoned places are never actually abandoned. Online slots give players the option to stay safe at home, no travel or exploration needed. With a wealth of game options available, there should be more than enough entertainment at home without needing to take a vacation in a remote, isolated cabin in the woods.

The killer is never, ever dead

A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween and countless more show over and over again the moment the hero’s back is turned, the villain rises once more. The villain who has systematically killed off her friends appears to be dead after being beaten, stabbed, or set on fire. However, just as the heroine relaxes he leaps back to life and catches her off guard just before she ultimately overcomes him to become the sole survivor. Likewise, with slots, games should never assume the game is over. Even if the player is at their final turn, there is still a possibility that the game arises from the dead, and their luck changes in the final moments.

You can use these lessons from horror films and apply them to your online gaming at casino slot games. The rules of the horror film might stem from the cliches we see in the genre, but they have practical life lessons we can use in the real world.

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