Reprint Rundown: Slash’s Deathstalker #1 – Is the Second Edition Sharper?

Slash Presents: Deathstalker #1 (2nd Print)

Illustrated by: Nathan Gooden

Written by: Slash, Steven Kostanski, Tim Seeley

Vault Comics


*Yeah, short and sweet and probably some spoilers..

The cult-classic warrior-hero Deathstalker bursts into the comics scene from an all-star lineup of creators including Slash (Guns N’ Roses) and writer-director-creature-FX-wizard Steven Kostanski (Psycho Goreman, The Void)!

Deathstalker finds himself once again caught between forces larger than himself—a virgin worshiping cult, a sorcerer hell-bent on saving the world through mad science, and the pissed-off army of the Abraxeon kingdom…not to mention his ex-lover, Princess Evie. Monsters, magic, and mayhem abound…can’t a guy just swing his sword anymore?

“Slash Presents: Deathstalker #1 (2nd Print)” from Vault Comics is a wild ride into the fantastical world of b-movie fantasy horror. Illustrated by Nathan Gooden and written by the powerhouse team of Slash, Steven Kostanski, and Tim Seeley, this comic brings the cult-classic warrior-hero Deathstalker to life in a fresh, dynamic way.

The story plunges us into a chaotic world where Deathstalker finds himself entangled in a web of bizarre forces—a virgin-worshipping cult, a mad scientist sorcerer, and a vengeful army, all while dealing with the complicated presence of his ex-lover, Princess Evie. The narrative is packed with monsters, magic, and mayhem, perfectly capturing the spirit of 80s b-movie charm.

Slash’s involvement in this project adds an exciting layer, bridging the gap between rock-n-roll and comic book storytelling. The collaboration with Kostanski, known for his work on “Psycho Goreman” and “The Void,” brings a unique blend of horror and humor to the table. Tim Seeley’s contributions ensure that the writing is sharp, entertaining, and true to the genre’s roots.

Visually, Nathan Gooden’s artwork is raw and gritty and gives this title a feel that complements the story’s chaotic energy. The 2nd print edition gives fans another chance to dive into this exhilarating world, and it’s a journey worth taking.

For fans of the original Deathstalker films and lovers of cult-classic comics, this book is like a nostalgia packed new adventure. With its over-the-top action, iconic 80s banalities, and a touch of rock-n-roll flair, “Slash Presents: Deathstalker #1 (2nd Print)” is an absolute blast. Vault Comics delivers a hefty, engaging read that leaves you eager for more.


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