Skybound Entertainment and Fuji TV Join Forces to Adapt  Graphic Novel Series Heart Attack into Live Action Sci-Fi TV Show  Fuji TV To Lead Production, Begin Shooting in Tokyo Starting Q4 2023 

Los Angeles, CA and Tokyo, Japan — September 14, 2023; Skybound Entertainment, the global multi-platform entertainment company, announces its partnership with leading Japanese broadcasting network Fuji TV to bring captivating graphic novel series Heart Attack to life as an electrifying sci-fi television series. The series is a co-production between the two, with Fuji TV to lead production and broadcast the series and Skybound Entertainment distributing the title worldwide. Production is slated to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The TV series is based on Skybound original graphic novel series Heart Attack, an enthralling work written by tenured Skybound creator Shawn Kittelsen (known for his work on “Injustice 2” and “Mortal Kombat”), and illustrator Eric Zawadzki (acclaimed for his artistry in “House of El”). It explores a post-pandemic world where gene therapy has saved Americans from disease—only to give birth to Variants: people with powers so unique, the government denies their human rights.


The Japanese TV adaption follows the love story between the novel’s protagonists; two teenagers from different backgrounds whose connection unlocks a secret power. Together, they are willing to fight for their existence and freedom in an irrational world, despite the odds.


Skybound understands the power of engaging audiences through multiple platforms.


This partnership leverages the creative talents of both companies, combining Skybound’s expertise in developing and producing captivating content across platforms with Fuji TV’s extensive experience in delivering exceptional programming to Japanese audiences.


The decision to adapt the title for television is a prime example of how Skybound effectively scales its intellectual property (IP) through its innovative “Wheel of Awesome” business model. With its editorial launch, Heart Attack garnered immense praise for its timely, thought-provoking storytelling and visually stunning artwork. Developing the book into a TV series not only amplifies its reach to a wider global audience but also allows for deeper exploration of the intricate narrative, complex characters, and eye-grabbing illustrations in an interactive way. This strategic move aligns perfectly with Skybound’s goal of maximizing the potential of its IP and providing fans with diverse and immersive experiences that transcend traditional storytelling boundaries.


“We are delighted to have Fuji TV as a partner in adapting Heart Attack into a compelling sci-fi TV series,” said Rick Jacobs, Managing Partner of Linear Content at Skybound Entertainment. “Shawn Kittelsen and Eric Zawadzki have created an emotionally and visually stimulating world that demands to be brought to life. We are excited to embark on this journey and deliver an unforgettable television experience to viewers worldwide.”


Fuji TV, renowned for its commitment to delivering groundbreaking and diverse programming, shares in the excitement of this collaboration. “As part of Fuji Television’s global business strategy, we are very pleased to partner with Skybound on Heart Attack with the global market in mind,” said Toru Ota, Executive Vice President of Fuji TV. “We are confident that the drama will captivate sci-fi loving viewers with its themes of power, love, and oppression between a young man and woman. We look forward to working together to develop new IP and expand Fuji Television’s IP in the U.S.”


Brace yourselves for a captivating journey into the extraordinary world of Heart Attack.


With the TV adaptation of Heart Attack, Skybound promises to push boundaries and ignite the imagination with a gripping narrative and inspired visual direction. Audiences can expect a thrilling exploration of love, power, and the fight against oppression, set in a world both familiar and extraordinary.


Further updates, including casting announcements and a premiere date, will be unveiled in the coming months.

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