All-New Connecting Covers by Jason Shawn Alexander Debut on Wednesday, November 22

LOS ANGELES 10/19/2023 — Skybound today revealed their two exclusive new limited edition covers debuting as part of Local Comic Shop Day, a celebration of comic book shops on Wednesday, November 22. Available exclusively in comic book shops, these new variants to Universal Monsters: Dracula #1 and #2 will only be available while supplies last and won’t be reprinted again.


One of the most-anticipated new launches of the season, Universal Monsters: Dracula, is debuting two new connected covers by all-star artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Killadelphia) for Local Comic Shop Day. The covers depict Dracula biting an unsuspecting victim—with Dracula on the cover of issue #1 and the victim on issue #2.


Skybound, in partnership with Universal Products & Experiences, will present Universal Monsters: Dracula #1, the debut issue of the extra-length four-part comic book limited series, in comic book shops next week. The highly anticipated limited series comes from the best-selling team of Eisner Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (Something is Killing the Children, The Nice House on the Lake) and artist Martin Simmonds (Swan Songs), who have earned multiple Eisner Award nominations for their hit series The Department of Truth.


When Dr. John Seward admits a strange new patient into his asylum, the madman tells stories of a demon who has taken residence next door. But as Dr. Seward attempts to apply logic to the impossible…his surrogate daughter Lucy begins to fall under the spell of the twisted Count Dracula!


The available Local Comic Shop Day issues and covers include:

  • Universal Monsters: Dracula #1 LCSD Connecting Alexander Variant (Lunar Code 1023IM803| $4.99)
  • Universal Monsters: Dracula #2 LCSD Connecting Alexander Variant (Lunar Code 1023IM804| $4.99)


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Limited Edition Connecting Covers By Jason Shawn Alexander!

Universal Monsters: Dracula #1 LCSD Connecting Alexander Variant

Universal Monsters: Dracula #2 LCSD Connecting Alexander Variant

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