Siria: Underworld Pimp Hustla #2

..Meet SIRIA, a young aspiring rapper laced with a lyrical flow and ambition that cannot be denied–even in HELL. She’s been told her whole life what to do, what she can’t wear and how to act–but homegirl has her own plan for herself that only SHE controls. In issue one, Siria discovered that she embodies “HOPE ETERNAL, a powerful message of hope and ambition in The Underworld.

But now, a BOUNTY has been placed on her head by the ruling class, THE NETWORKERS–and Siria’s gonna have to lean on all of her street smarts in order to survive the night! Siria quickly realizes that HOPE is outlawed in The Underworld for a reason–and those with the deadly willpower, or “THE WILL,” as it’s known on the streets–are the ones that ultimately rule to success. A discovery that may violently end her life–this time on the real!

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