SindrElf and John Barry Ballaran are thrilled to announce the Kickstarter for Issue #2 of ‘Anubis: Dog of Death’

‘Anubis: Dog of Death’ is an action-comedy comic book series about the Egyptian god Anubis, doomed to live as a tiny purse dog in LA.

It’s made by a binational creative team, being written by Sindre L. Finnøy from Norway (also known as SindrElf online), and drawn by John Barry Ballaran from the Philippines.

“In the 2nd issue, Anubis has to join his new owner Chloe for an audition at a Hollywood film studio. There he meets a goddess from a different pantheon from his own, and discovers an opportunity to escape from captivity.” – SindrElf

The first issue was successfully Kickstarted back in February. But if you missed out on that, there will be an option for backers of the second Kickstarter campaign to get a copy of Issue #1.

The second Kickstarter campaign is going to run for 30 days from the 8th of September.

This time backers will be able to be drawn into the comic as cameos and even speaking roles.

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