Simulating Real-Life Sports and Events in Video Games

Video Games That Simulate Real-Life Games

Video gaming has gone such a long way that it’s difficult to imagine anything that is not possible today thanks to video games. Let’s think about it – whether it’s motorsport or an entire world, video games are incredibly good at simulating it. For example, you may want to go to a physical casino in Las Vegas and play, but why not find more games at Roulette77 instead? You see, there is no need for you to worry too much about a physical experience when there are so many great digital alternatives. Let’s talk about some of them.

EA’s FIFA Series

The first one we want to mention is none other than the FIFA series. FIFA is one of the most competitive organisations in the world, but it’s also the name of a popular sports simulator series by Electronic Arts. FIFA has a massive global audience, not least because of football’s popularity you see.

And so, the FIFA series is one of the most successful simulators of real-life games there are. That is not the only game there is, of course, and EA has gone on to create the NBA2K series, WWE, and Madden. There are plenty of great games that have seen the light of day and are absolute blasts to play.

Diamond Casino in GTA

If you want to play roulette, but don’t want to settle for simulators or anything of the sort, there is an alternative waiting within grasp. As it is, you can join the Diamond Casino in GTA and have a real blast yourself giving it your all. The Diamond Casino in this digital world is actually pretty realistic.

You can complete missions in the game and acquire in-game currency, and then use it back on the casino. It’s easy to go broke, and it’s easy to get in trouble with loan sharks, but the truth is none of that is real, so you don’t have to worry! Players do enjoy it, however, and a lot are thrilled to give this game a shot.


SIMS must be one of the most popular simulations of real-life events. Well, up to a point. The SIMS franchise started pretty crudely with no shiny graphics and somewhat limited narrative. Yet, as new versions kept coming, the games become more complex and frighteningly more realistic.

It’s said that if a game can indistinctively copy real-life, there might be proof that our world is a perfect simulation. That is a complex simulation, but a simulation nevertheless. It’s a rather frightening thought, but looking at SIMS one can’t help but wonder if that is true.


Have you heard of Formula 1 or NASCAR? Of course, you have! These are some of the best motorsports competitions in the world. It really doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not quite. What matters here is that you will have a blast playing the video games that are based on these real competitions.

How do we know? Well, we can honestly think of a few things, and frankly, they are going to blow your mind. As it turns out, video gamers who have trained in simulators and played the virtual versions of F1 and NASCAR are quite capable, to beat actual racers.

It has happened on several occasions, and can you imagine just how shocked everyone was to find a video gamer beating a former F1 champion for example. Well, this is the way of the future. We will be able to learn a lot of skills and put them in good practice without even having tried our hands at the real thing.

It’s an exciting world to be a part of, and you will definitely appreciate it, especially when you want to play a quick game of roulette.

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