The Adventures of Simone & Ajax: What’s Black & White and Read All Over? Now available for pre-order!

“The Adventures of Simone & Ajax: What’s Black & White and Read All Over?” is a 160-page collection of the early black & white tales of our daring duo.

Collected together for the first time, you can read Simone & Ajax from their very first story, done when writer / artist Andrew Pepoy was still in college, to their final B&W adventure 15 years later, including the 30-page epic tale of how our pals met. Their secret origin, you might say! Plus, find out what happened to Atlantis, what it takes to go to Valkyrie school, see Ajax’s early detective tales, how they met the lemmings for the first time, see them go to the moon, face monsters, meet Santa Claus, and more!

As a special bonus, Pepoy is including holiday mini-comics previously only seen by friends and family, as well as other early Simone & Ajax art. There are all sorts of pledge/reward levels, from the digital edition to the book to original art, mystery boxes, and more! The Kickstarter was a success, so the book is definitely happening!

Please check out the Indiegogo campaign page, where you can pre-order the book.

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For additional information, please check out First Comics News’ interview with Andrew Pepoy about this great project!

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