Silverline’s Kayless Continues

Silverline Comics launches Volume 2 of popular title


Silverline Comics is proud to launch a crowdfund campaign for Kayless: Achilles has Landed. It follows on the heels of Kayless, the superhero/government conspiracy comic that saw each of its four issues fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours.

“I’ve been waiting to tell this story for twenty years,” says creator/writer Brent T. Larson. “At its core, it’s about the remorse that follows great power, something Western society is experiencing a lot of right now. And it’s fun to mess around with a guy who’s immortal. Lots of explosions, shooting, gassing… it’s a big toy box.”

“This is a passion project for Brent,” says Roland Mann, Editor-in-Chief of Silverline. “I love the story, but was unsure how fans/readers would react since it’s a dude with superpowers, but not wearing spandex or a cape. But fans have really been giving us positive feedback, so we’re excited to give them more.”

“The good thing about working with Kayless,” says Luis Czerniawski, artist for Kayless, “is that in addition to a great story, you can find action, adventure, suspense and a great team of people behind everything that makes things work!”

Kayless is drawn by Argentinean art superstars Czerniawski (Transformers, CVO: African Blood, CVO: Infestation, Ghost Wolf and Gargantuan) and Leandro Huergo (Mice Templar and Bad Dog). “Working with Luis and Leandro has been so eye-opening,” says Larson, of the Argentinian art team. “Watching them take the story and make it better than I imagined is so fun. And kind of humbling.”

This second volume of Kayless follows Scott Anders, the former secret agent/astronaut with a mysterious invulnerability, as he takes on the dirtiest of black operations for the CIA. In exchange, they promise to give him what he wants most… a return to the Kayless rift in space and the fantastical world on the other side.

Kayless: Achilles has Landed #1 is one of four comic issues currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Twilight Grimm #4 (the conclusion to that mini-series by R.A. Jones, Rob Davis, Mickey Clausen, and Mike W. Belcher), Sirens #2 RemiX (Sidney Williams-writer; John Drury-penciller; Chuck Bordell-inker; Barb Kaalberg-colorist), and The Scary Book #1 RemiX (Sidney Williams-writer; Steve Willhite-penciller; Dan Schaefer-inker; Eric Rossberg-colorist) are the other comics.

The campaign can be found at: and will run through Sunday, September 18.

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