Cover to Steam Patriots #1
(David Mims and Dan Hosek)

Silverline Comics announces the continuation Divinity, winner of the Independent Creator Awards’ “Best New Series of 2020” and the debut of Steam Patriots, a new comic with an alternate take on the American Revolutionary War.

“It’s one of the moments that tells the reader a comic book has succeeded. It’s the moment when the reader says, ‘Hey! That’s all I get right now? What happens next?’”  says Maggie Thompson of the Comic Buyer’s Guide about Divinity. Kevin VanHook, filmmaker and creator of Bloodshot, writes, “Divinity #1 manages to bring a fresh take to the story of a young girl with mysterious healing powers.”

“The storytelling’s very strong and the dialogue shines,” says world-renowned veteran of Marvel and DC Comics, Chuck Dixon, about Steam Patriots. Fellow comics artist powerhouse Gary Kwapisz adds “Steam Patriots gives us a colorful and unique look at the original revolutionary war!”

In Divinity, eleven-year-old Divinity Gray’s life changes forever after the suspicious death of her parents. Marine Sgt. Zach Gray, the older brother she barely knows, becomes her guardian, but when he discovers Divinity’s mysterious healing powers, their lives take a dangerous turn. With the help of a few friends, Zach and Divinity must go on the run to keep Divinity¾and her powers¾out of the hands of an evil cabal.

Steam Patriots is set in a steampunk world, where steam technology is in its infancy, and America is at war for independence. The story’s young hero, Felix Ward, has a mind like no other, and he must help Ben Franklin, George Washington, and other heroes defeat the British juggernaut.

Cover to Divinity #2
(Jeff Johnson and Barb Kaalberg)

Divinity #2 will be a flip-book with Steam Patriots #1,” says Roland Mann, Head Honcho at Silverline Comics. “I’m excited to get out the next chapter of award-winning Divinity, and at the same time introduce readers to the future award winning title of Steam Patriots.”

The flip book is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter Keeping with the Silverline Comics crowdfunding model, Divinity#2 and Steam Patriots #1 are both finished and ready to print.

Divinity #2 is created, written, inked, and colored by industry veteran Barb Kaalberg, and features Alex Sarabia on pencils and Mike W. Belcher as letterer. It is 22 pages of story and art. Steam Patriots #1 is created and written by Scott Wakefield and Rory Boyle, featuring art by David Mims, with colors and letters by Dan Hosek. It is 24 pages of story and art.

Silverline is a genre-spanning independent comic book and graphic novel publisher. The Kickstarter campaign runs May 13 – 31.

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