Silverline Publishing Welcomes Accomplished Industry Leader, James Pruett, as CCO

Silverline announced today that accomplished comics industry veteran James Pruett, will be coming on board as the Chief Creative Officer. His first move puts Silverline in the December Diamond catalog for a release date of February 14, 2024.

“I’ve known Roland since the 1990s,” says Pruett, “and I’ve been following what he’s put together with Silverline the last few years. I like what they’re doing, I like the energy they have, and I thought I could help take them to the next level.”

Pruett’s experience stretches nearly three decades. He began his career as one of the co-creators of the Eisner Award nominated series NEGATIVE BURN, alongside his twin brother Joe. He was the Managing Editor/Associate Publisher of Caliber Comics, Editor for Tusk Entertainment, and most recently served as Publisher and Chief Creative Officer for Scout Comics. His writing credits include Midnight Sky, Mindbender, X-Men Unlimited, The Apparition, Black Mist, Kaos Moon, Abandoned, Negative Burn, and others.

“I’ve been after Jim for a couple of years now,” adds Roland Mann, Silverline Head Honcho. “We’re both in the central Florida area and so I see him at shows regularly. We tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to comics, and he brings a pretty incredible resume. We’re excited to have him join.”

“I know Silverline had books in the Diamond catalog quite a few years ago, and I asked Roland if he ever thought of getting back in,” says Pruett. “He immediately said yes. We were able to get that put together quickly…and then he asked me to come on board and help plan the future for Silverline. How could I say no?”

To headline Silverline’s return to the direct market, it was decided to premiere with the exciting new series Trumps with the creative team of Roland Mann, Anthony Pereira, Thomas Florimonte and Sid Venblu. Trumps is the story of  four kingdoms that exist on the sci-fi world called The Deck. Only one of those kingdoms can hold the seat of power; that kingdom is called Trumps. The Diamonds have held the seat of power since the last shuffle but the King of Clubs is waging war to wrest that power from the Diamonds so the Clubs can be trumps. The Queen of Diamonds is sick and, on her deathbed, distracting the king from the war. Meanwhile, the Spades and Hearts are powerless and sitting out the fight…or are they? The Queen of Spades is working to convince the Jack of Diamonds to dethrone his king, and then they can unite Diamonds and Spades and become Trumps. Trumps is Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings with a sci-fi twist.

 Trumps is a science fiction/action/superhero story presented to you in saddle-stitched comic book format. Trumps #1 contains 24 pages of story and art. It is in the December Diamond Previews DEC231736 E and is slated for an in-store release date of February 14, 2024.

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