Cat & Mouse: Brett Huffman heads to New Orleans to look for the runaway kid sister of his ex-fiance’ only to discover she has been caught up in a human trafficking ring. Brett has to figure out how to get her out of the human trafficking ring and get her home. Only problem is that she’s in the clutches of the WidowMaker!

Cat & Mouse is a crime action-crime-drama presented to you in saddle-stitched comic book format! Cat & Mouse #3 contains 22 pages of story and art.

Trumps : Every time the Deck is shuffled, a new kingdom of power is chosen. This time the kingdom of Clubs wishes to overthrow the Diamond kingdom because they think they are weak. The King of Hearts wants to fold, but his young Jack will hear nothing of the sort. The Spades are enjoying the freedom that the Clubs/Diamonds war gives them. The war for supremacy ensues and only one kingdom will emerge victorious… that kingdom is called Trumps!

Trumps is a science fiction/action/superhero story presented to you in saddle-stitched comic book format. Trumps Book 1 contains 48 pages of story and art.

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