From the same crew that brought you Cat & Mouse, Steam Patriots, Divinity, and Tiny comes yet another Kickstarter Double Feature! Beah & Silverline Team-Up are two new comics brought to you by the hard working folks in the ever growing Silverline Comics.

“Like Tiny, Beah is a big shift in the kind of story folks know me for,” said Roland Mann, writer of Beah. “My stories are more often super-hero, science fiction, and action. But the popularity of Tiny made me think I could write some other kinds of stories that people might be interested in.”

“I’d been seeing the stuff that Silverline was doing,” said Thomas Florimonte, “and I told Roland, find me something to ink. It wasn’t long before he showed me Peter Clinton’s pencils for Silverline Team-Up and I said yes immediately!”

Beah is a fantasy story inspired by classic franchises such as Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh. Story by Mann, art by Haley Martin, and Letters by Brian Dale. The first issue of a 4 issue mini-series, Beah #1 is 24 pages of fully colored heart and magic. Chaos erupts when the residents of The Hollow think The Kid is dead. Beah is tasked with restoring peace and convincing everyone that The Kid is not, in fact, dead.

Silverline Team-Up Featuring The Champion & Ms. Fury is a superhero action epic that expands the world of Silverline’s Cat & Mouse! Story by Roland Mann, pencils by Peter Clinton, inks by Thomas Florimonte, colors by Roberta Conroy, and letters by Brian Dale! The first issue of a 4 issue mini-series, Silverline Team-Up #1 is 22 pages of colorful action that’ll knock you off your feet!

The Kickstarter is live and is scheduled to run until August 1st! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get on these stories before they go BIG! Retailer bundles are available!

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