Silver Screen Bottling Company Launches James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon

Among Starfleet’s legendary space explorers, it is Admiral James T. Kirk who most embodies the spirit of bold adventure.

Born in the great state of Iowa on planet Earth in 2233, Kirk spent part of his youth on planet Tarsus IV, where he narrowly escaped death at the hand of the infamous Kodos the Executioner. Admitted to Starfleet Academy in 2250, Kirk was the only cadet to beat the infamous “Kobayashi Maru” test of character. As an ensign, he served on the Starship Republic, and his first posting after graduation in 2254 was aboard the U.S.S. Farragut.

James Kirk took command of the Starship Enterprise in 2264 on a five-year voyage of deep-space exploration that made him a legend. During that time, he led one of the first missions beyond our galaxy, he averted a new war with the Romulan Empire, and he literally saved Earth history by going back in time to undo a temporal accident.

Intensely loyal to his crew, Kirk did not hesitate to risk his career to rescue Spock, his first officer and friend, who was believed dead on the Genesis Planet. In one of Kirk’s most celebrated missions, he defied Starfleet Command to commandeer a stolen Klingon ship to prevent an ecological catastrophe from devastating his home world. Kirk entered a temporal anomaly in 2293 while helping to save the Starship Enterprise-B on its maiden voyage. He emerged in the year 2371, where he was killed while protecting the inhabitants of the Veridian system. He is buried on a mountaintop on Veridian III.

Kirk explored strange, new worlds, led humanitarian missions, and brought peace to planets in conflict. He made first contact with new life and new civilizations, pushing outward the frontiers of knowledge as he explored boldly, where none had gone before. He represented humanity at its best, doing the things that humans do best.

James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon celebrates his bold spirit of adventure.

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