Shoot That One

Shoot That One:

In this follow-up to his first collection of essays – Shoot This One – television writer and producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach continues to overshare about his misadventures in the small screen to a degree that will make you fear for his future employment.

Including Grillo-Marxuach’s Internet-breaking, no-holds-barred account of the creation of the hit show Lost, as well as the never-before-seen “mean version” of his essay “The Eleven Laws of Showrunning” – an incendiary assault on the toxic culture behind many TV series – the essays in Shoot That One offer both a tantalizing glimpse into the inner circles of the entertainment industry, as well a management lesson disguised as a juicy tell-all.

With Shoot This One already on the reading list in a number of writing courses, Shoot That One digs deeper not just into the workings of TV but also popular culture as a whole. Whether he’s taking a flamethrower to the rampant bigotry in show-biz, explaining why your junior high school English teacher was wrong about how stories should end, or arguing that some films are better experienced with earplugs, Grillo-Marxuach takes no prisoners, tells it like it is, and shares what he knows with career-threatening candor and an endless curiosity about the medium and its message.



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