Writer(s): Martheus Wade
Artist Name(s): Martheus Wade (Pencils), Gene Fayne (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Janet Wade
326 pgs./ E / FC

In the vein of the Saturday Morning cartoons of the past, SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS is Naruto meets Young Justice, where mystic fantasy and high heroics collide. This hardcover collection collects the first two volumes of the action-packed series, coming in at a whopping 326 pages that the entire family can enjoy.

SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS follows the journeys of 14 year old ninja prodigy Shianndrea Toshigawa. She takes on the trappings of a normal teenager while dealing with the responsibility of a young ninja in training who is hunted by a rival ninja clan.

The creators comment that “We would like the readers to be able to enjoy the book but also be able to identify with the characters, whomever or wherever they are.” The series is a much needed breath of fun, fresh air for children of all ages. It’s a story of adventure, martial arts, and friendship all centered around strong female leads that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS was created out of our own personal enjoyment at sharing our love of comic books with our son,” the creators share. “A lot of books have gotten away from building a young audience of readers. It brings us tremendous joy to see kids in stores, schools and libraries picking up the book, picking out their favorite characters, and talking in depth about their motivations and the story.Thanks to everyone that has supported Shinobi: Ninja Princess. We couldn’t have done this without you.”

The hardcover for SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS is now available for pre-order with the Diamond Previews code AUG181432.

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