As Fulfillment Continues As Crusade Comics’ Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign Closes Monday, February 21st

With one week remaining to the Shi: Omnibus Vol. 1’s Indiegogo Indemand campaign, more than 2,000 rewards have already been shipped out to backers around the world. Crusade Comics’ #NoFanLeftBehind campaign, coupled with the Crowd Ox add ons have brought all returns to total over $300K.  Final numbers for 29-day Kickstarter campaign have reached $96,562.00 while on Indiegogo, sales continue past hallowed $200K mark.

Shi creator, Billy Tucci was thrilled at the campaign’s historic run and fulfillment, “Deborah [Tucci, Crusade’s Executive Director] and I are so humbled by the almost 3,000 backers who have propelled the Shi: Omnibus to become our biggest crowdfunding campaign of all time, and in our final week we’re continuing to ship hundreds of packages daily to our worldwide readers via the US Post Office and UPS.”

The groundbreaking masterwork that literally changed the face of comics and launched the “Bad Girl” revolution returns in this oversized, 500-page edition collecting all 12 issues of Shi: Way of the Warrior, the interlacing Tomoe miniseries and the 48-page, Shi Vs. Tomoe.

Originally crafted by Billy Tucci, Peter Gutierrez, Dan Mishkin, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and more, the premium formatted collection features, digitally re-mastered pages from the original comic book pages and extra content including character history and development and introductions by comic legends Chris Claremont and Stan Sakai.

Final Reward Added:

SHI #1: Amazing Spider-Man 300 Homage Fan Appreciation Edition

Celebrating over 25 years of Shi, this specially limited, Shi: #1 Homage Edition honors Todd McFarlane’s legendary Amazing Spider-Man #300. ASM #300 is THE issue that got Billy Tucci back into comics, “From that moment back in 1988 when I first saw the book, I knew I wanted to make comics for a living. It is such a timeless issue as Todd is a crucial inspiration for me and my career choice and path.” Tucci stated. The 32-page, full color comic is printed on comparable cover and interior paper stock to the original. As a special gift from Crusade, all overseas backers will get a complimentary copy of the book along with their rewards, FREE. Interested domestic buyers only pay $20.00 plus $6.00 in shipping.

To Pledge for the Shi: Omnibus Vol. 1, please see the Indiegogo Indemand page here:

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