She’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a … Lady Killer 2 #1

Lady Killer #1 Cover
Lady Killer #1 Cover

This issue marks the long awaited return of Joëlle Jones’ best-selling and 2016 Eisner Award nominated series Lady Killer. I missed the first series so I was going into this issue fresh. Given the title, given the cover, and given what I had heard about the first series I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. They are NOT kidding when they said “where 1960’s pop meets the dark underbelly of suburbia”.

“A level of violence that can only be described as Mad Men’s Betty Draper meets Dexter.” – Comic Book Resources

“Lady Killer is worth its weight in gold for the art alone, but the enigmatic Josie Schuller is the real appeal.” – Newsarama

Lady Killer #1 Interior Page
Lady Killer #1 Interior Page

Josie Schuller is a typical suburban housewife on the outside. Cocktail parties, luncheons with the ladies, and providing an early 1960’s “perfect” home for her nuclear family seems to keep her busy. That is when she is not whacking a poor old lady in the side of her head with the claw end of a hammer while on the toilet! I definitely missed a bit by not reading the original limited series and I intend to correct that post haste by finding the issues or buying a trade paperback. It looks like Josie is running a contract killing business on the side and business seems to be good.

Joëlle Jones’ art is amazing. At first I thought I was looking at Disney’s 101 Dalmations on paper. It’s a great fit for the timeline and the details are just great. Michelle Madsen’s colouring is bang on and some of the little things like the wallpaper at the Tupperware party and the authentic 1960’s clock on the wall really sets the retro vibe.

I am running, not walking to my local comic shop to find the first series. If I find the trade I’ll wait and get this series in a collected volume as well. Otherwise it is going on the pull list ASAP.

Issue: Lady Killer 2 #1 | Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Joëlle Jones | Artist: Joëlle Jones & Michelle Madsen
Price: $3.50

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