Shame is Dead but There is Always … Hope

A few years ago Lovern Kindzierski and John Bolton wove a tale of Shame, daughter of Virtue. In a world similar to ours but filled with magic, the purest woman, Virtue, has a daughter. And that daughter turns out to be the evilest woman the world has ever known. Originally presented in a three book trilogy, the story of Shame was critically acclaimed and an absolute masterpiece of comic storytelling.

Hope Cover
Hope Cover

In a new one-shot book, Hope, the story continues …

“The reign of Shame was through. Mother Virtue had laid waste to the ancient evil that was Slur.”

“Shame had been blasted into the infernal realm, body and soul. Merritt, Fate’s Sword, had survived a journey through Hell and back to rescue the soul of Shame’s child. That soul now resided in the body that had been a prison to Virtue’s soul, and was now the child Hope.”

“Grace and her rebels had put fire to the castle and routed the palace guard. Of her group only she had survived and not turned tail.”

Whew. That’s a lot to get through and wrap your head around. Magic, demons, evil daughters, battles and lost souls. After reading that little preamble on Hope’s first page I immediately went in search of the original trilogy and found a collected edition online and ordered it. But that didn’t deter me further and I read on. And you know what? You don’t need to have read the original books to enjoy this new one-shot.

Hope Interior Page
Hope Interior Page

Beautifully rendered by an absolute master in his field, John Bolton’s art is brilliant. So much detail and expertly applied colouring produce a frameable work of fine art in nearly every panel. Lovern Kindzierski’s prose is equally as exceptional and deep. Not a book you can read in a quick 5-minute break as you will definitely want to sit and absorb the richness of each page.

I am looking forward to reading the original Shame trilogy once that collection arrives. In the meantime, the Hope one-shot arrives at your Local Comic Shop March 21, 2018. For more information head to the Renegade Arts website at

Issue: Hope | Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment
Writer: Lovern Kindzierski | Artist: John Bolton
Lettering: Annie Parkhouse | Editor: Alexander Finbow
Price: $11.99

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