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Shad Gaspard

WWE Superstars Shad Gaspard and Marc Copani are working on a graphic novel about and an assassin and his son, aptly named Assassin and Son. The project just launched a Kickstart campaign with incentives for both the comic fan and the comic retailer. To get a better understanding of what the whole project is about, Shad Gaspard stopped by First Comics News to catch our readers up to speed on Assassin & Son.

First Comics News: What brought you to comics?

Shad Gaspard: My boy Michael when I was 11yrs old took me to a comic store in Brooklyn called Bulletproof comics. Before then I had only read a few comics here and there, but that store introduced me to Graphic novels, anime, manga, DC, Marvel, Millstone, dark horse, and more. Growing up I was given a comic education by everyone there.

1st: How did you and Marc Copani decide to work together?

Shad: Mark had just left wrestling and was pursuing an acting and writing career. I came up with the idea while on the road and sent it to him. He said, “It sucked”. So I reworked it and sent it to him again, this time he was interested. We started working together and created a really good story.

1st: I had heard that Assassin and Son was originally planned as a movie, what changed?

Shad: It was, several major film companies’ read the script thanks to my connections, but I wanted to push Marc and me out of the picture. Neither of us wanted that so we decided that the story was compelling enough to be a graphic novel

: What is Assassin and Son about?

Shad: You’ll have to read it to find out, but it essentially is about the journey of a man and his son seeking revenge. Let me say all the critics & cynics who think they know this story by saying this is not Lone wolf & Cub, though we to pay homage to them in the first issue. This is a totally different story all within itself. The structure we used will seem familiar, but you will note and be surprised at how we drastically change things up as the story goes on.

1st: Who are the Horsemen?

: The Horsemen are a group of assassins led by Lorenzo who pretty much take over New York. Pretty much a group of Bad Mother F—.

1st: Braddock and Matthew are on a path of vengeance, do they find redemption along the way?

Shad: You’ll have to read to find out, but what we did for our story was put a good twist on everything at the end.

1st: After the graphic novel will there be more stories with Braddock and Matthew?

: That depends on who is left alive at the end of the Path of Vengeance.

1st: Where and when can fans find a copy of Assassin and Son?

Shad: We are going on sale September or October 2011; fans can help fund the last book by pre-ordering at or

1st: For fans that are not sure about the series, what is so cool about Assassin and Son that every fan needs to buy a copy?

Shad: Ok let me get smart guy on you for a second…This is a raw, gritty, graphic novel, if you’re looking for sunshine and butterflies, you won’t get it here. Assassin & Son is an engrossing tragedy told in a modern forum that makes the reader play the game of cat and mouse on every page, whilst always asking which is which. As the story progresses you will be drawn in by each character’s unique styles, finding your self liking both their heroes and villains. How was that?

Remember for those who want to help support Assassin & Son Go to  or and help out. Every little bit counts.


Assassin and Son Preview from AssassinAndSon on Vimeo.

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