NEW YORK, NY – October 13, 2020 – Premium reading and audio entertainment platform Serial Box announced today that it is creating original serialized fiction featuring two of DC’s’ most iconic characters, Batman and Wonder Woman. The new immersive stories are designed for on-the-go fans and will be available on all mobile devices through the Serial Box apps. The stories will be available in Spring 2021.

Wonder Woman: Heartless is the first of the original sagas to release and pits Diana Prince, Jill Carlyle (Crimson Avenger), and British archeologist Dr. Barbara Minerva against two sisters — one a serial killer who is terrorizing Washington, D.C. by magically seizing the hearts of her victims, and the other whose powers might potentially be used to stop the killing streak. The writing team includes Natalie C. Parker (Seafire trilogy, Beware the Wild), Tessa Gratton (Strange Grace, The Queens of Innis Lear, Lady Hotspur), Alaya Dawn Johnson (Trouble the Saints, Love Is The Drug, The Summer Prince), Heidi Heilig (The Girl From Everywhere, For A Muse Of Fire, A Kingdom For A Stage). Serial Box’s Head of Content Hayley Wagreich will produce with VP of Content Development Rhoda Belleza.

Batman: The Blind Cut follows the Caped Crusader and Zatanna as they join forces against a terrifying adversary who enacts a bold plan to bring Gotham City to its knees. The writing team is led by the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Catherynne Valente (Palimpsest, Deathless, The Fairyland novels), and includes K Arsenault Rivera (Knox, The Tiger’s Daughter, The Warrior Moon) and Martin Cahill (“Bear Language,” “It Was Never the Fire”). Serial Box’s Head of Content Hayley Wagreich will produce with VP of Content Marco Palmieri.

“We are honored to be entrusted with developing original stories for Batman and Wonder Woman, characters with rich histories and strong fan allegiance,” said Serial Box co-founder and CEO Molly Barton. “Our talented writing teams have crafted thrilling new adventures linked to character origins and relevant to our challenging times. We see Batman grappling with the fact that he is actually part of the 1% and Wonder Woman dealing with the consequences of a politically divided public responding to a series of high-profile murders — and finding her belief in the justice system challenged in the process.”

Serial Box pairs strong storytelling by best-selling authors with high-quality audio, including a soundscape with single-voice narration, original music, and sound effects, to create a truly immersive story experience. Users can choose to read or listen, switching easily between the two and picking up where they left off in either format. First chapters are free to read or listen to before paying for access to the rest of the story.

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