If you’re a fan of comics, you may aspire to publish one yourself someday. Luckily, we live in an age in which it’s not necessary to get a job at one of the major comic book publishers to realize your goal. You can now self-publish a comic book fairly easily. While you will need to distribute it yourself, that might not be a deterrent if you simply want to turn your ideas into an actual comic that others can read. Additionally, many self-published comics have gone on to become massively successful.

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That said, you should keep a few tips in mind when self-publishing a comic. They include the following:

Come Up With an Idea That Excites You

You may consider this to be a basic tip. Obviously, you need an idea for a comic book to self-publish one. 

However, what’s most important is that you remember to come up with an idea that you find so exciting you can’t wait to draw and write your comic. This is simply because writing a comic can actually be much more demanding and time-consuming than many realize. You don’t want to get involved in a project, only to quit halfway through because your idea started to grow boring in your mind.

Granted, if you plan on selling your comic, you should also consider what will appeal to others when coming up with an idea, but if you are enthusiastic enough about the work, it’s likely others will be too.

Write the Comic’s Scenes

Many first-time comic book writers mistakenly assume that writing a comic involves drawing the frames and writing the dialogue at the same time.

That’s not the case. Usually, a comic book writer will write a description of each frame and the dialogue it may feature first. Then they can draw the individual frames.

Consider Crowdfunding

Depending on your goals, you may want to set up a crowdfunding campaign through a popular platform such as Kickstarter to generate money for your project. This is an option to keep in mind if you plan on distributing your comic to customers and retailers throughout the world. However, you may skip this step if you only plan on giving copies of your book to family and friends.

Choose the Right Software

You technically have the option to write and make copies of your comic book without the use of software. That said, many find the process is much easier with the help of certain digital tools.

For example, a program such as Adobe InDesign can help you format your comic properly, improve the color and resolution of your images, and more.

You may use this software during the actual drawing stage of the comic. If you don’t, you can draw your comic first and use software to format and enhance it later.

Print Your Comic

Once your comic book is complete, all you have to do is contact a printing company and order prints of it. Choose one that specifically offers comic book printing services, as they’ll have access to the right ink and paper to deliver something that actually feels like a real comic.

Most importantly, have fun! Writing your own comic book and self-publishing it should be a pleasant experience. It’s more likely to be if you keep these tips in mind.

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