Second Sight Publishing sings the blues!

Second Sight Publishing has gain the reputation for publishing excellent horror titles. It recent release of eight horror titles garnered them all top 100 spots with one title breaking the top 50. It horror anthologies published through Caliber Comics have all spent time atop the Amazon top 100 graphic novels and horror novels list. So it is no surprise to the recent signing, The Bluesman: Lady of the Grave, written and created by novelist Stuart Jaffe,illustrated by Garrett Gainey, and logos, production, and character design by John Jennings.

CEO Bradley Golden stated “The company have been undergoing a transition toward more horror based titles, and the signing of this title and creators fit the bill. “ Look for this title to release late 2022 to early 2023.

Stuart Jaffe

Garret Gainey

John Jennings

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